Girls Lacrosse

The Powhatan girls youth lacrosse program is open to both new and returning lacrosse players. The primary objective of the program at this level is to develop important skills, know the rules, learn to work together as a team, cultivate a love for the game of lacrosse and most importantly, HAVE FUN!


We use a grade-based system instead of birthday for teams. Grade is indicated by the year a player will graduate high school.


Season begins starting in February and will continue through the end of May. 


Practices and home games are held at the Powhatan Admin Field. Games may be played across the several counties.


There will be an estimated 2 practices and 1 game per week. Practices are typically held at The Admin Field in Powhatan.  Practice will be held twice a week starting February and continue through the end of May 


Teams will play over the course of the season and will usually fall on the weekends.


Jerseys are required and may be purchased at during registration. Previous years jerseys can be used as long as there are no number conflicts.

Extra Costs

You must provide a USA Lacrosse membership that is not covered in your club dues.

USA Lacrosse Membership

All players must be US lacrosse members to play or register. This is a cheap, annual membership that is required league/state wide. It provides on-field insurance for injuries, property damage, etc.

Click Here for New USLacrosse Membership

Click Here for Lookup Existing USL Number

Frequently Asked Questions

Girl's/Women's Lacrosse

It is our goal to grow girls lacrosse in Powhatan, Virginia. We will give the same attention and commitment to all of our girls players and teams, as we do our boys.



-     Girl's Lacrosse Stick 

*THIS IS DIFFERENT THAN A BOYS STICK* as there is little to no pocket, the sidewalls are shorter, and the stick doesn't come in different lengths. Girl's goalie equipment is near identical to that of boys.

-     Eyewear/Headgear 

  • Headgear use is optional in the rules at all levels of play in girls' and women's lacrosse.
  • Protective eyewear is required at all times.
  • Any headgear that is used must meet the ASTM standard, F3137, initially developed in 2015.
  • All women’s headgear products that include integrated eyewear must meet the ASTM eyewear standard, F3077-17, in addition to the ASTM headgear standard, F3137.​

-        Mouthguard 

MUST be worn at all times(not white or clear).

PLEASE DO NOT allow your daughters to chew on their mouthguards! Did you know that mouthguards come with supplemental dental insurance? If your daughter is wearing one and is injured in the mouth during play, your mouthguard provider will assist in the dental care (up to a specified amount, see package for details as each is different)

-        Cleats and/or sneakers

Virginia weather is crazy so we recommend having a pair of cleats for (wet or dry) field play.

NO Jewelry

-        Jewelry CANNOT be worn during practice or games.


-        Field Size  (

The Men's field is 60x 110 Yards whereas the Women's field varies between 60-70x 110-130 Yards! (much smaller for U11 players)

-        Field Markings

The Women's field has not only restraining lines and boundary lines that are integral to the play of the game, but also a center circle, 8m arc, and 12m fan! (not to mention the hashes and extra dots that are included in those field markings). These hashes, arcs, fans, and dots are all necessary when playing and are referred to during games!

Spring 2024

Spring is near!  Spring season lacrosse is a great time for beginners to learn the game, and for advanced players to continue to build on their abilities and learn new and advanced skills. Most of all, our spring lacrosse programming is meant to be fun! We want our players to leave the field with a smile on their face every day, and learn life lessons that they can apply on and off the field. We have a great group of coaches who cannot wait to share lacrosse with all of you!

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